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I am Dr. Anish Kumar Physical Therapist in Gurugaon.

Pain Free smile Physiotherapy Clinic and Home care runs under the able guidance of Dr.Anish Kumar (PT), Consultant Physiotherapist who has an experience of 2 years. The clinic has achieved name and fame, as the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in sector 102 and one of the Best Physiotherapy clinics in Delhi NCR. We have patients from all over Delhi NCR. Are being treated in our clinic. Dr. Anish is among a handful of physiotherapy in India who have clients from all parts of the delhi . He is best Therapist.

Dr.Anish Kumar (Consultant Physiotherapy)


Wide Range of Physical Therapy Services

Cervical Spondylosis

This non-invasive method helps in reducing pain, strengthening the muscles and ligaments in your neck, and doesn’t involve any medication. Book an appointment with Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy today!

Low Back Pain

When you have back pain, you always dread the thought of going out. Not only does the pain make your day difficult but also makes it impossible to enjoy outdoor activities. To take care of back pain and give a smile to your worries, visit Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy.

Frozen Shoulders

Have pain-free smiles with physiotherapy at home. With our Frozen Shoulder physiotherapy, you can stay active and pain-free without letting your treatment plans slow you down.

Sciatica, Disc Prolapse

Disc prolapse is another condition that affects people of all ages, genders, and races. It occurs when a person’s spine moves out of place and puts pressure on their spinal cord or nerves. Instead of undergoing surgery right away, why not try pain-free smile physiotherapy first

Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow

Don’t live with your pain any longer – see Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy today! Our skilled clinicians use gentle yet effective techniques that work by strengthening and stretching muscles surrounding your painful joints.

Ankle Spring

Don’t let that be the case, Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy by Ankle Spring physiotherapist Dr Anish and get started on creating that beautiful smile! If you’re ready to finally have a pain-free smile, book an appointment with Ankle Spring today!

Cerebral Palsy

Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy is a brand that specializes in treating various conditions related to muscles and joints related to your smile.

Sport Injuries

In pain and unable to keep up with your normal routine? That’s when it’s time for Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy by Brand: Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy.

Post-Operative Neuro/Ortho Cases

In order to address your specific needs, Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy offers post-operative neuro/ortho cases. Our team of experienced therapists will help you restore mobility and function while minimizing the risk of re-injury

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Who says smiling makes you feel good? Not true! Smiling can actually help you get rid of pain and other health issues.


Pain-Free Smile Physiotherapy is here to help! Our team of certified physiotherapists will work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve your desired balance.


Through regular sessions, you can achieve quick results and a pain-free smile. Plus, our team will help you through every step of the process.


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